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Institute of Medical Science and Research Center

Department of Psychiatry

Department of Psychiatry deals with people mental disturbances and disorders. Department has full-fledged faculties and facilities. The Department of Psychiatry is entrusted with best counselling and psychotherapy facilities. It is well established with infrastructure and faculty strength to render best quality treatment to patients with psychological disturbances which includes behavioural, academic, cultural,socio-economic balance, depression and mood disorders. It is well known for its medicine-less treatment which involves mostly with counselling treatment by world class experts in psychiatry field. All our faculties in the department are updated with latest treatment techniques in Psychiatry through various national and international programs and workshops. The department strives hard to improve the mental status and balance of the patients and improve their life-style both personally and professionally through counselling. Students admitted in the first year are first identified for their variety of problems and are given counselling appropriately to make them accustom to the environment where they landed up to pursue medical course.


Working together for the betterment of society, good quality human care and effective treatment for the people with mental illness.


To support and give qualitative treatment for people with mental illness.

To emphasize on psychiatric education and research.

To understand the profession.

To serve the needs.

Teaching Objectives
  • Excellent ethical standards of professional conduct.
  • Support, Compassion for the families.
  • Lifelong Professional learning.
  • Respect for the patient feelings.
  • Scientifically established principles of treatment.
  • Respect the view of the co-workers.
  • Leadership
  • To improve Psychiatric education and training, Promoting utmost suitable conditions for education and professional satisfaction through patient care.
  • To imbibe the importance of attitude by citing examples and practical experiences.
H.O.D. Profile
Dr. V. Sethumadhvan, M.D.,D.P.M.

Email : kimspsychiatrydept@gmail.com


17 Years

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