Karpaga Vinayaga
Institute of Dental Sciences
DEPARTMENT OF Conservative dentistry & Endodontics

Department of conservative dentistry and endodontics treat the decayed tooth of patients by restoring the tooth with silver fillings, tooth coloured esthetic fillings with composite and GIC, endodontic treatment ( Root canal treatment) for fractured and decayed tooth having pain. Patients tooth can be saved from extraction by performing endodontic treatment after assessing IOPA Radiograph and various pulp vitality tests.

The faculty are dedicated towards teaching, training and clearing the mysteries of the students to produce a skilful, efficient and a dedicated dentist. We train the students from first year till house surgeon for efficiently and elegantly treating the patients having the common dental disease , dental caries. The Department is well equipped with 34 dental chair units, X ray unit with RVG , intra oral camera, glass bead sterilizer, loupes, ultrasonic cleaner, autoclave, apex locators and rotary endodontic instruments for staff and students to provide hi tech endodontic treatment to the patients.

Vision & Mission

To eradicate dental decay and to promote oral health of the patients.

H.O.D. Profile

Email : madhu_endo@yahoo.com



Experience :

10years of teaching experience


International - 01, National - 03