Karpaga Vinayaga
Institute of Dental Sciences

The Department of Pedodontics was established as an independent faculty in 2007 with an intake of 100 undergraduate students per year. The Faculty offers a dynamic and unique suite of UG programs designed to produce dental practitioners with highest calibre. The Department of Pedodontics, located on 4th floor of the main building,designated as room no(8), covers a total area of 5000sq.feet,which divides to include an Undergraduate Clinic with an independent play room for children, seminar room, sterilization room and staff chambers.

The Department of Pedodontics works with a mission to provide "HEALTHY SMILES FOR INFANTS AND CHILDREN",thus ensuring dental care for every child with a vision to "PROMOTE OPTIMAL HEALTH CARE DELIVERY TO THE NEXT GENERATION"


Prepare the dedicated students to form the world free of disease.


The world free of disease

Dr. Josy Jacob
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Dr. Josy Jacob MDS

Email : madhu_endo@yahoo.com



Experience :

10years of teaching experience


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