Karpaga Vinayaga
Institute of Dental Sciences
DEPARTMENT OF Public Health Dentistry

The department has been offering comprehensive oral care in the institution; fully functional satellite centers and regular health visits to school. The department also has well equipped, fully functional and state of art mobile dental unit specially designed to provide oral health care at inaccessible area of the society ensuring rural exposure to the graduating interns.

The department regularly conducts camps as part of community service, throughout the kanchipuram district. The department has been actively involved in organizing mass awareness campaigns. Audio-visual health talks, health education exhibition, and rallies on special days. The department also has an oral health education unit situated in ground floor containing health education materials like models, charts, exhibits and pamphlets.


Public Health Dentistry is an expert field in dentistry where oral health surveillance, policy development, community based dental disease prevention and dental health promotion and together with the other specialties bear the responsibility of assuring optimal oral health

  • Contribute professionally competent health care personnel to meet oral health care needs
  • Develop an efficient, effective and community acceptable organization that excels in education and service
  • Instill social and professional values and ethics in all our stake holders
  • Believe in inclusive growth
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