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Department of Forensic Medicine

Forensic Medicine department is one interesting department which encourages the students in understanding various medico-legal cases and toxicology. The department is well-established with beautiful museum filled with photographs of various medico-legal cases, court cases, toxic plants and insects, reptiles and many more. Practical classes are made interesting by making students to do mock court scenes, act like patient bitten by snakes, reptiles and other venomous living beings and a treating doctor to diagnose the type of bit, will be given with online videos on MLC cases and discuss and so on. Also they are encouraged to participate in various academic programs and competitions conducted by other medical colleges. A big books gallery is available on forensic medicine, legal laws, ethical issues and venoms for the benefit of not only for faculties but also for students who are allowed to access as and when they need.


To produce quality medical doctors competent enough to handle MLCs in the emergency situation and to fullfill the goal of Institution.


To educate students about forensic aspect of medical practice To create awareness and importance of MLC

H.O.D. Profile
Dr. V. Sathyamurthy, M.D.

Email : fmtkims2016@gmail.com


12 Years


National - 2

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