Karpaga Vinayaga
Institute of Medical Science and Research Center

Department of Pathology

Department of pathology has well-established laboratory for 100 students. The laboratory is furnished with required instruments and each student is provided with microscopes. Wonderful museum is being set in the department which consists of many rare pathological specimen collected from our hospital and several charts which depicts various other cases for the benefit of learners. Department library has hundred of textbooks, journals, manuals and records which is more useful not only for the faculties but also is open for students too.

Education - through the provision and development of educational programs for residents, medical students, allied health professionals, undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral students in Cancer Biology and other areas of basic, translational and clinical science, practising health professionals and the public at large.

Research - Through the development of new knowledge in basic, translational and clinical sciences, health policy, outcome-based research and health education.

Clinical Care - through the development, maintenance and practice of knowledge and outcome, based medicine in the subspecialty of pathology and through interactive programs and practice which improve medical practice and patient outcome for all patients served by KIMS.


To fulfil the Vision of Institution in making highly qualified competent medical graduates with refined knowledge of clinical correlations and delivery of standard healthcare to the needy people.


To educate students with high quality hitopathological studies and FNAC procedures for clinical understanding. To train students in a proper way to correlate pathological findings with clinical diagnosis.

H.O.D. Profile
Dr. Sithy Athiya Munavarah, MD

Email : kimspatho@gmail.com

Expertise :

20 years


  • Chief Minister award winner 2018,Board of selection of Vice Chancellor TNMC

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