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Department of Biochemistry

The Biochemistry department has a well-equipped and spacious laboratory, with sophisticated instruments like spectrophotometer, electronic balance and digital balance, hot air oven, incubator, centrifuge and PH meter. The laboratory has fifty stations and a well-equipped demonstration room where the students are given demonstration about the principles and methods of the experiment for the practical class. Some salient features of the department in teaching activities are : Students are given indepth knowledge in Biochemistry and biochemical parameters in relation to human samples so that it ease them in correlating the patients ailments using the parameters and come to a diagnosis. It also motivates them to study further the variety of histories and learn clinical conditions. In addition, the Post-graduates are trained in the central lab in doing biochemical assays by themselves which gives them intense training in biochemical studies. Post-graduates and Undergraduates are motive in research too. They are made to present papers in various regional and national conferences which gives them confidence in public presentations. The department has collegial, cooperative and supportive environment with the dedicated faculties and Head of the department. Few of our interesting teaching areas are protein molecules, RNA, DNA, polyphosphate, spectroscopy, laser light traps and crystallography, cell biology and techniques, cell fractionation, enzyme purification, molecular biology and genetics.


To create healthy wealthy India in congruence with the Vision of the Institution.


To train the students with deep knowledge in biochemistry which facilitates them in their clinical diagnosis supported by biochemical parameters.

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