About the Club

Happiness and positivity club is inaugurated on 22-06-2018 to spread smile with positivity among all and to create a happy environment. In this club many activities are conducted to make the surrounding very happy and positive. This club helps to cope with stress with positive attitude which increases happiness consistently.

An event is conducted in every month to make the surrounding very happy to build attributes for happier lives, such as friends, knowledge, problem-solving and wellbeing. There are many events which makes the students very joyful and also make them travel towards their childhood, they enjoyed the events like bubble blowing, hand print using different colour paints, name tag, balloon blowing and blasting, zip zap, nose pinching, etc.,

It is successfully conducted in every month before the pandemic period. During the corona pandemic period people felt very stressed as they are not allowed to get out of their homes. At that time also this happiness and positivity club has done its job by motivating the students through online mode and make them participating in the online events like photo editing contest, meme creation contest, etc.,

After the quarantine days got over the club is inaugurated again on 25-11-2021 due to the pandemic COVID-19. This club is actively running for the past three years. A while later many activities are started doing earlier like happiness tree activity, thirukural for happiness, making clay models to make them happy.

This happiness makes the students very happy and joyfully enjoying the activities. This club encouraged the students to bring their hidden talents to everyone. This made the students actively participate in the happiness club.

“Smile at everybody; you never know who needs it,”
  • Aim of theClub

    • To spread smile with positivity among all
    • To create a happy environment
    • To cope with stress with positive attitude
    • To increase happiness consistently
    • To build attributes for happier lives, such as friends, knowledge, problem-solving and well-being.

  • Objective of the Club

    • To coordinate and conduct all activities as planned
    • To spread word to all peers about the club
    • To actively share inputs in what’s app group
    • To create a happy atmosphere and involve all the members to participate actively.

  • Vision

    • To promote a sense of happiness and positivity.
    • Make happiness contagious, encourage happiness and integrate it with public policy.
    • Everyone leaves stress and baggage at the door and has a great time!

  • Mission

    • To spread positivity and improve students' overall mental health and well-being. The Club is a place where students and faculty can come to play games and take part in fun activities that promote a sense of happiness and positivity.
    • To generate happiness that will promote healthier and happier mindsets across all spheres of life.

Staff Coordinators
Student Coordinators


Staff Coordinators



Ms. J Revathy



Mr. R. Aneesh



Ms. S Bhuvaneshwari








FACULTY INCHARGE : Ms.J.Revathy, Mr.R.Aneesh                                             

S.No.CLUB STUDENT’S ROLESYEAR & DepartmentName of the Student
1PresidentIV/ BMEMr. M.Santhosh Kumar
2Vice PresidentIII/ECEMr.B.Santhosh
4TreasurerIV/ECEMr.A.Andrew Nicholas


Ms.A.silviya joshy

6PhotographyIII/BMEMr.S. Pugazhanthi
8Member CoordinatorIII/BMEMr.Praveen