About the Club

Heritage and Arts performance is not merely recreation for students but should be an important part of their learning process. It will help them to highlight aspects of national heritage, it is also important to bring local traditional practices into the purview of heritage education programe at Karpaga Vinayaga College of Engineering and Technology. We aim to promote the concept of understand various culture which includes arts and performance of various activities inculcate values of respect for diversity and tolerance among our students through this club.

“A Nation without Heritage is like a Tree without Root”
  • Aim of theClub

    • The students will be engaged in various religious festival celebrations representing a culture through folk dances. Students will curated the recipes of famous tradition delicacies and music from their localitites, state and country. Students will involve in Cleaning preservation and promotion of heritage buildings.
    • The activities would enable them to sharpen their heritage and cultural acts. And improve and understanding of the oneness in the cultural diversity.

  • Objective of the Club

    • To enable students embrace each other’s culture and tradition
    • To paves the ways to strengthen the sense of nation rich cultural heritages and use them effectively.
    • To facilitate students, a unique identity with immense culture wealth.

  • Vision

    The aim of this club is to make Heritage and its practices an inherent part and parcel of the everyday curriculum alongside other graduate-level subjects by way of providing for continuously active and practical learning.

  • Mission

    • To create a heritage awareness amongst students and also involve students in maintaining and preserving our rich culture.
    • To motivate students to participate in culture conservation and learn from local and natural surroundings.
    • To encourage students to take pride in the unique diversity of Indian arts and culture this aids to preserve the rich heritage of our composite culture.

Staff Coordinators
Student Coordinators



President:A.Tharani,IV Year,BT

Vice president:J.Dhanuja,III year,BT

Secretary:S.Yuvaraj,III year,EEE

Treasurer:G.Gurupriya,III year,BME

Photographer:K.Saravanan,III year,EEE

Marketing incharge:D.Yuvaraj,III year,EEE

Other members:D.Divya,III year,BT

R.Sankari,III year,BT