Mentoring Students Survey

APEX Mentoring Students Survey
Are you comfortable in English conversations (Talking to others in English).
Are you comfortable reading Text books and newspapers in English.
Do you understand the Lectures provided in the classroom.
Are you able to understand the interviewer's questions in English and provide your responses in English comfortably.
Are you comfortable joining Group discussions in English during interviews.
Are you aware of career options in your technology/domain.
Do you have a clear view about your first job and what is your targeted business domain and role.
Do you have a vision of your career for the first five years.
Do you have any ideas about moving abroad for higher studies or Work.
Do you have a good idea on how corporate companies work.
Are you good at coding in any programming language.
Are you updating yourself constantly on the latest technology AI, ML. Space Exploration, Block Chain, Data Science, Automation and etc.
Are you actively reading any technical blogs or watching latest trends videos on technology.
Do you have any support in learning the technology of your interest.
Are you clear about which technology path to go to.
Do you lead any College Club activities.
Are you part of Toastmasters or any other external Clubs.
Are you a team player(willing to work in a team or individual).
Are you good at managing your time.
Are you able to understand the problem statement and to provide a solution approach.