About Mathare-T21

July 22, 2021

I’m Shabana Yasmeen, a second year student of biomedical engineering at Karpaga  Vinayaga College of Engineering and Technology(KVCET). It is a pleasure to recall my responsibility as a student coordinator for organising and staging Maathare-T21 event (9th April, 2021) for celebrating womanhood and honouring women achievers from diverse fields. Though I had not coordinated such a huge event anytime before, I am proud to mention that the event came out with flying colours, thanks to the empowerment, encouragement and team work we received all around. I realised this is the right way a forward looking institution inculcates many valuable people skills such as social skills, respect, self-worth, team work, time management, an eye for detail, empathy and so on. You know what? I realized my potential.

I’m immensely proud to be a student of KVCET which invites many women achievers from various fields and honors them with great respect in Maathare events conducted annually.

 My favourite anchor Priyanka when she entered our state-of-the-art Auditorium, everyone (about 1200 audience) got excited and enthralled by her energy, presence of mind and eloquence. I loved her cool and enthusiastic attitude which was contagious. The program ended with a dazzling dance by
Among the many women achievers present, I am particularly inspired by Ms. Nivetha Jessica who received the “Inspiring racing champion” award. Her speech was stirring too.

Ms.Anusha Shree. The audience like myself enjoyed her performance. I took selfies with all the women achievers that made my day.

Coordinating such an event surely boosted our confidence, helped to have a friendly and healthy relationship with our seniors, staff, and other students.

Maathare-T21 truly has left me with beautiful memories. Whenever I think about my college days in the future, my participation in Maathare-T21 will be in my mind first, bringing a smile on my lips and joyful tears in my eyes. Very happy and proud to be a part of the grandeur event.

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