Learning Experience

July 22, 2021


Biomedical Engineering

The learning experience that I gained in the hospital training lab at Karpaga Vinayaga Hospital (KVH) included the cadaver and anatomy museum at Karpaga VInayaga Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) which gave me an adequate knowledge in anatomy and physiology.

In cadaver the knowledge was gained well as the professor  explained the overall anatomy and physiology of human body and also the dissected specimen, human skeleton and other specimen giving me an insight  to master the topics of the human anatomy.

I am deeply grateful for the staff who gave their valuable time and energy to explain about the biomedical equipments in the hospital training lab, where we understood the instrumentation, working principle and the real time demonstration of the equipments in our hospital.

The overall impression of my experience is that I understood comprehensively human anatomy and clinical aspects of biomedical equipments in a smart way.

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