Transformational Experience in Toastmasters Club

July 22, 2021

 Hi, I’m Kiruthiga.D (III Year, CSE, KVCET) and wish to share my transformational experience in our campus Toastmasters Club

Well, every journey has a destination. My journey through our Toastmasters club—from delivering speeches to acquiring leadership skills did help me to be a professional speaker.

KVCET is interested in students’ overall development, so they are providing financial support to all student members of the Toastmasters club international. I like to express my deep sense of gratitude to my college management for their generous support and making me part of a worldwide organization that is empowering me to turn my goals into reality.

Initially when I joined the club, I had my hesitation, inhibition to participate actively. Sooner, I felt comfortable and started taking active roles, shared my knowledge and desires in my short speeches. This is surely because of my fellow Toastmasters, who made me feel important. No one stigmatizes or ostracises my mistakes, instead they nurtured, encouraged and helped me to realize my potential.

So far, I had attended 30 meetings and in different roles such as speaker, timer, ah-counter, grammarian, evaluator and participant in table topic sessions. These multi-layer experiences helped me to become a better speaker quickly and smartly.

Summing up, I’m a living testimony of how Toastmasters International Club of our campus can transform a student into a competent speaker and leader. The most important investment you can make is in yourself. I am sure, Toastmasters club is a worthy investment.

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