Energy Saving Tips

July 22, 2021

Mr.B.VENKATAKRISHNAN (2nd year EEE student)


1.Turning off  the lights & fans when leaving a room:   

A basic habit to develop and foster is to make sure that you always turn off the lights & fans when  leaving a room.

 2.Switching to efficient appliances:

 Air conditioners and refrigerators are two of the most               energy-intensive appliances in a home and replacing these with better efficient models ( 5 star rating) can cut the electricity usage by half, thereby reducing your electricity bills.

 3.Unplug devices:

Needless to say how important it is to unplug devices when not in use, do not leave devices on standby but rather unplug them and save your electricity bill, and the planet.

4.Using smart meter:

A smart meter is a great way to see how much power you’re consuming, this will help you keep a track of your consumption in real-time, and where you can reduce it.

5.Washing at low temperature:

Wash clothes at a cooler temperature and with a full load, you will be saving a lot of water and electricity.

6.Solar-powered devices :

Using more solar-powered electronics can go a long way and can also lower your maintenance and replacement costs of such electronics.

7.Use LED lights:

Many homes are now moving towards smart LED lights as they not only look stylish and affordable but are also way more efficient than halogen bulbs.

8.Cook with the lid on:

This is a super simple hack in everyday life to save energy consumption, by cooking with the lid you are making sure to lessen the cooking time and water usage significantly. Pressure cooking is another smart way of saving energy and time.

9.Use smart automated devices:

Smart automated devices can lower your energy bills even when you forget to. Smart automation systems will detect when you’re no longer using a device and turn off the power supply.

10.Lessen water usage:

Some easy fixes to reduce your water consumption could be taking quick showers, using just the required amount of water while cooking and turning off running taps when not in use even for a few seconds.

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