B.Tech Artificial Intelligence and Data Science


Artificial Intelligence can impact many applications relying on all sorts of data, basically any data that is recorded in computers, such as health data, scientific data, financial data, location data, weather data, energy data, etc. As our society increasingly relies on digital data, AI is crucial for most of our current and future applications.

The principal purpose of Data Science is to find patterns within data. It uses various statistical techniques to analyse and draw insights from the data. Industries need data to help them make careful decisions. Data Science churns raw data into meaningful insights. Therefore, industries need data science. A Data Scientist is a wizard who knows how to create magic using data.

In Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Data Science Department (DS), we offer theoretical foundations in the field of AI and DS. In addition to theoretical education, all of the students get hands-on experience with complex real datasets.

The Department has well- experienced, highly qualified, committed and motivated members of faculties.


The vision of the Department of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Data Science (DS) is to impart quality education, inculcate professionalism and enhance the problem-solving skills of the students in the domain of AI and DS with a focus to make them industry ready, involve in possible areas of research, to pursue and have continual professional growth.


  • To equip the students with strong fundamental concepts, analytical capability, programming and problem-solving skills. 
  • To develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Data Science (DS) solutions to help industries 
  • To make the students industry ready and to enhance their employability through training, internships and real-time projects.
  • To improve department industry collaboration through interaction including participation in professional society activities, guest lecturers, industrial visit and by providing AI & DS solutions industries.