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Memorandum of Understanding (MoU’s) were signed with leading industries for providing training, internships, industrial visit, boot camps, etc for our students. So that students will get exposure on current development and become industry ready when they complete the programme.


18.01.2021- 17.01.2023

Edunet Foundation

06.09.2021- 05.09.2026

SECO & EQuad Group of Companies

27.08.2021- 26.08.2025

BOSCH Rexorth India Pvt. Ltd

17.06.2021- 16.06.2022

Revature Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd

22.09.2021- 21.09.2026

Brainsight Technology Pvd. Ltd.,

26.07.2021- 25.07.2023

DIYA EduLabs Pvt. Ltd

22.09.2021- 21.09.2024

Women’s Motorcycle Club, Chennai

12.10.2021- 11.10.2026

International Universities

Memorandums of Understanding (MoU’s) were signed with international universities and institutions to provide global picture on technical education. Opportunities for guest lecture, project guidance, joint research/ publications, student and staff exchange, higher education, etc are enabled to our students and faculty through international collaboration.

Lincoln University College


28.07.2021- 27.07.2026

International European University

Kyiv, Ukraine

28.07.2021- 27.07.2026

Liverpool John Moores University

United Kingdom

07.10.2021- 06.10.2024

BlueCrest University College

Accra, Ghana

11.08.2022 – 10.08.2027