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Clubs @ KVCET

Toastmaster International Club

KVCET has collaborated with the Toastmasters International Club to develop the public speaking and leadership skills among the Students. Meeting is conducted every week for one and half hours for the members to,

  • Improve public speaking skills,
  • Build leadership skills,
  • Maximize student’s potential,
  • Enjoy unlimited personal growth,
  • Work on networking in a small and supportive environment,
  • Practice writing speeches and presenting in a group setting
  • Build self-confidence and self-awareness

 Weekly meetings are conducted  through online from  4th November 2020.

Creative Writing Club

Creative Writing Club is providing a positive and productive atmosphere for the student writers to integrate, learn, and grow. Students share their own writing in the form of stories and poetry in an encouraging, supportive atmosphere. Events are conducted at regular interval

Reading Club

Cognitive mental stimulus, vocabulary expansion, knowledge building, memory enhancement, better writing skill are some of the proven benefits of reading. Reading Club encourages reading of titles on fiction, non-fiction, self improvement, philosophy etc and discuss or debate what they read with other members.

Monthly activity conducted in KVCET for Reading Club Students, The club serves as a wonderful breeding ground to improvise their interest in reading.

Professional Development Club

There is always more to learn and new skills to attain. PDC is a catalyst for setting career goals, to be a transformation leader in class room or workplace. Many invited lectures on positive thinking, mind & body well being, team work and time management etc by motivational speakers fuel the objectives of this club.

Culinary Club

Culinary skill is not just an art, it is science that is mystic, enchanting, exotic, ageless and of our cultural pride. This club provides an interesting opportunity for students to appreciate, learn and develop culinary skill of different regions.


5th august Week Activity- Polling on “MODERN vs TRADITIONAL FOODS”


Fine Arts Club

‘There is music in earth, if one will listen’. This club is vibrant and enchanting as students are encouraged to develop, perform and inspire their talents in fine arts.

First Year Induction Program

The programme is to formally welcome the newly arrived students to KVCET family and assist them in starting their academic journey in Engineering The view of this “Induction Programme” for parents and students of first year to educate the new entrants about the environment in a particular institution, and connect them with the people in it.

Happiness and Positivity club

Happiness & Positivity club by its innovative activities inculcates among students the truth that if you have positivity you see opportunity instead of obstacles in life. The main aim of the club is to

  • Create a Happy Environment
  • Cope with stress with positive attitude
  • Increase happiness consistently
  • Build attributes for happier lives, such as friends, knowledge, problem-solving and well being.