Social Development


Aimed at developing student’s personality through community service, NSS is a voluntary association of young people @ KVCET is to provide hands on experience to young students in delivering community service.


Youth Red Cross (YRC) is a voluntary service body of our College which supports Humanitarian services to the fellow human being in Health related services to the community also provide training to develop leadership quality and overall personality improvement of the students.


RRC provide opportunity to the zeal of volunteerism among youth to contribute towards the Safe and Healthy lifestyles . The Red Ribbon Club is a voluntary on-campus intervention program for students. The programme organized by RRC addresses the knowledge, attitude and behavior of the youths in the interrelated areas.

List of NSS,YRC and RRC Activities:


Various NSS activities conducted during the academic year 2019-2020.

  • Workshop on “First Aid” by the professor R.Manikkam, District Secretary IRCS
  • Temple Cleaning
  • Various Techniques in Safeguarding ourselves by Mr. V.Bharathi Sekar.Chennai
  • Sapling Plantation Melvalampettai
  • Medical Camp
  • Dental Camp conducted in near village
  • Pen Distribution for School Students
  • உன்னால் முடியும்” Motivational Speech by Mr. R. Ramasamy Assistant Professor, MCA, KVCET
  • School Campus Cleaning
  • Importance of Physical Fitness and Sports by Mr. T.Murali, Physical Director,KVCET
  • Voters Awareness Day Pledge
  • Road Safety Awareness
  • Motivational Speech for school Students
  • Sapling Plantation by Head Mistress, Govt Hr Sec School, Melvalampettai
  • Service at Orphanage


  • The NSS Conducted the rally on “Human Values” at Mathuranthagam on 08.09.2018.
  • Independence Day was celebrated by hoisting flag on 15.08.2018
  • Swachh Bharat Summer Internship activities(Phase II) carried out at Janakipuram, Kallapiranpuram, Soorai, Palayanoor village by our college students.
  • NSS Camp was organized by KVCET at Government Middle School, Padalam
  • Volunteers had intercalation with NSS officers at Anna University on 30.08.2017
  • NSS Rally Conducted in Kanchipuram on 29.11.2017
  • NSS Rally in conducted in Uthiramerur on 18.11.2017
  • NSS students Conducted Rally on “Road Safety”  on July 28th 2017

Awards in NSS

KVCET students Ms.Yazhini and Mr.Rathish Kanna, IV year Bio Medical have received Best NSS VOLUNTEER Award at University Level   Award Function @ Anna University on 2019.

Women Empowerment Cell

The WEC works to promote gender sensitivity @KVCET and conduct diverse programmes to educate, sensitize both male and female members and produce harmonious atmosphere on the campus. It works for the welfare of the students and faculty members. Women empowerment club takes up issues, rights and duties relevant to women and creates awareness, empowerment and confidence for her rightful status in the society. The Various events conducted for girls and women faculty members.

List of Activities:

  • Women Empowerment Cell Conducted Medical Camp at Samuthaya Nala Koodam, Acharapakkam on 7.03.20.
  • Women Empowerment cell: Poster presentation on 22-02-2020
  • A special debate in Tamil was conducted on 04-11-2019
  • Women Empowerment Cell conducted an activity on Self Défense –Karate at the college Auditorium on 14-09-2019
  • Outreach programme was conducted by Women Empowerment Cell at Madurantakam Girls Higher secondary school, Madurantakam on 12-10-2019.
  • Women Empowerment Cell conducted activity for faculty members on 26.11.18
  • Women Empowerment Art Program on 28.7.18

Gardening and Agricultural club

Technology is a close partner to farmers. Regular visits of experts from agriculture and horticulture departments to interact with students, visits to organic farms and hosting seminars on technology mediated agriculture practices are some of the interesting dimensions of this club.

Infinite and Impact club

As the name suggests, this club helps students to impact positively in all spheres in the campus. Imagination is the only limit, otherwise the creative events of this club are limitless. In this Infinite impact club each department conducts various activities on specific topic like awareness programs, models, video, rally, awareness song and skit.

List of Activities: 2018-2019

Infinite Impact club conducted various events for Public to Create Awareness on various topics from July 2018


Various Online Events Conducted during lockdown Period.


Human Values and Professional Ethics Club

This club like all other clubs is a student managed and a voluntary club. The human values are not preached here, but practiced. An English proverb says ‘we never know the worth of water till the well is dry’. This surely applies to things we overlook often; empathy, respect, gratitude, health, prudence and many more. This group constantly nudges us of our role to hand over a safe and beautiful world to the next generation through practice of human values and professional ethics.

Excess Food Distribution Club

The amount of vegetables & fruits wasted every year in our country is almost the same quantity Australia produces every year! The food that becomes excess in campus is quickly and thoughtfully distributed by this club members to the needy and deserving people, thus eliminating food wastage.

Go Green Club

‘Go Green Club’ which is dedicated to spread awareness among the people regarding conservation and protection of the environment by organizing green events. The committee also promotes green lifestyle among the people by making them aware about the importance and necessity of green environment.


List of Activities:

  • Go Green Club Conducts various activities in and around the college from 2018
  • Conducts the competition among students like Clean Classroom and Plastic awareness,etc.,on 27.8.2018 to 29.8.2018
  • Go Green Club performs Tree Plantation  activity inside the College Campus on 22.2.19.
  • Go Green Club Create Awareness on Tree Plantation among Scholl Students on 28.8.2019.
  • Go Green Club Takes Initiative to create a Green Campus Environment on 16.2.20.
  • Go Green Conducts a Poster presentation on ” Innovative ideas for Go green” on 25.02.2020


  • KVEG strives to achieve environmental excellence. We Practice green thinking in all aspects of our activities. Non-polluting energy efficient bikes are provided for the students to commute inside the campus, which incidentally promotes their physical fitness.
  • Students are encouraged to widely participate in sapling plantation activity throughout the campus.
  • Battery powered cars facilitateelders and patients to commute between various facilities inside the campus.