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B.E. CSE – Research & Development

Funded Programmes

Students Projects

Research Publications

  • M.Abinaya” Identifying Fake news on ISOT Data Using Stemming Method with A Subdomain of AI Algorithms”, Migration Letters (Scopus),volume:21,No:S6 (2024),PP.775-787.
  • K. Parkavi, Mr. S. Prabu, “Effective Natural Language Interface to Database Using Artificial Intelligence”, Journal of Xi’an University of Architecture & Technology, ISSN No : 1006-7930, Page No: 2089, Volume XII, Issue V, 2020.
  • Mr. S. Prabu,” Intelligent Dynamic Spectrum allocation with bandwidth flexibility in cognitive radio network, Springer Science (Annexure), Page no: 1575–1586 VOL. 20, 0535 – 5133, 2019-2020.
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  • Dr. R.Nedunchelian,” Various approaches to analyzing Crime and Prediction using data analytics”, Journal of Xi’an University of Architecture & Technology (Scopus), Page no: 142-153 VOL. 07 Issue 05, 1006-7930, 2019-2020.
  • Dr. R.Nedunchelian,” An Interactive Virtual E-Learning Framework using crowdsourced Analytics”, Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Advanced Computing Applications (Springer Book Chapter), Page no: 127-136 VOL. 130, ISBN 978-981-15-5329-5, 2019-2020.
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  • Dr. R.Nedunchelian,” A Water Flow Algorithm Based Link Optimization in common-Hop for Congestion control in Wireless Mesh Networks”, International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (Scopus), Page no: 6728-6735 VOL. 8 Issue 3, 2277-3878, 2019-2020.
  • Dr. J.Nithyashri,” Comparison analysis of IoT based industrial automation and improvement of different process”, Journal of Materials Today(Scopus), 2214-7853,2020-2021.
  • Mr. R. Sudharsanan,” Efficient Feature Extraction from Multispectral Images for Face Recognition Applications: A Deep Learning Approach”, IOP Science(Scopus), 17426588, 2020-2021.
  • Dr.A.Jebaraj Ratnakumar,Prof/CSE,“Design of Multi Agent Based Systems For Entrusted Communication Using JADE”, International journal of TAGA(Annexure), Page no-766-755,VOL.14, 1748-0345,2018-2019.
  • Dr.A.Jebaraj Ratnakumar,Prof/CSE, “Competent Encipher File Search as a Mobile Cloud Service”, International journal of TAGA (Annexure), Page no-766-755,VOL.14, 1748-0345 ,2018-2019.
  • Dr.A.Jebaraj Ratnakumar,Prof/CSE, “A Machine Learning Based Regression Techniques For E-Mail Prioritization”, Taga Journal of Graphic Technology (Annexure),Page no-710-717,VOL. 14, 1748-0345, 2018-2019.
  • Dr.A.Jebaraj Ratnakumar,Prof/CSE, “Natural language user query to sparql conversion for web service discovery from ontology based web services registry”, Journal of web engineering (Annexure) Page no-710-717,VOL. 14, 1540-9589, 2018-2019.
  • Dr.A.Jebaraj Ratnakumar,Prof/CSE, “A Machine Learning Based Internet Of Things Device For E-Health Monitoring In A Cloud Environment”, Journal of Investigacion Clinica (Annexure), 0535 – 5133, 2018-2019.
  • Dr.A.Jebaraj Ratnakumar,Prof/CSE, “A Novel Approach For Tumor Image Set Classification Based On Multi-Manifold Deep Metric Learning”, International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics(Scopus),Page no:553-561,VOL. 119, 1311-8080, 1314-3395, 2018-2019.
  • Dr.A.Jebaraj Ratnakumar,Prof/CSE,”Machine Learning based Grape Leaf Disease Detection”, Journal of Advance Research in Dynamical and Control Systems(Scopus), Page no:775-780 VOL. 10,08 Special Issue, 1943-023x, 2018-2019.
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Conference Proceedings

  • Gnanasekar J.M., Rajesh V. and Shanmuga Priya M. (2011), “Integration of Wireless Sensor Network with Cloud using Restful Web Service”, 2011 International Conference on Intelligent Information Networks (ICIIN 2011), Dubai.
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Memorandum of Understanding have been signed with the industry to encourage expert talks from industry professionals, seminars, Workshop, IV, etc., to support the students activities.

  • NOWA Labs , USA
  • Revature India Ltd, Chennai
  • TCIL-IT, Pondicherry
  • Thalema Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Chennai
  • Caveo Infosystems Pvt Ltd, Chennai.

Book Published

  • Dr Thiyagarajan has published a book on Fundamentals of data analytics with tableau
  • Mr A Arun published a book Fundamentals of web technology