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B.E. CSE – Value Added Courses

Value Added Courses

  1. Conducted Value Added Course on “Full Stack Mean” for III year CSE students by Dr.B.Ezhilavan,Managing Director, VEI Technologies Pvt.Ltd.Chennai. From 01.02.2024 to 06.02.2024
  2. Value Added Courses (VAC) are conducted regularly in our Department to bridge the gap between the academic and industry need, it supplements the curriculum to make students better prepared to meet industry demands as well as develop their own interests and aptitudes
  3. Conducted 10 days Value added Course from 1.9.2018 to 24.10.2018 on “Networking and CCNA” through Dynamic Networking, Pondicherry.
  4. Conducted a Value Added Course on “Android development” for III year & IV year CSE students. Mr. Paul Blesson, Technical Trainer. HCL Career Development Center, Chennai trained our students in the area of application development from 22.8.2015 to 8.1.2016.